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The Grove Church - Dallas, TX

Jun 25, 2018

It’s common to believe that faith is something that should be private. A relationship between you and God. But what if that’s actually missing the point of the whole thing? In this message we will look at a teaching from Jesus about how public our faith should or shouldn’t be.

Jun 18, 2018

What does a story about a master, three servants, and several talents have to do with the nature of God and why we are here? What if this story has so much more to say about those things then we ever imagined? What if this story has the power to shift how we think about everything?

Jun 11, 2018

Have you ever struggled with your faith? Maybe it was once strong, but lately has stalled, or maybe you’ve never felt close to God if only there was an easy way to grow our faith. In this message, we will look at one of Jesus’ parables that teaches us how to grow a thriving and abundant faith.